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Bicycle at Lake Michigan, Chad Curry

Bicycle at Lake Michigan,
Chad Curry


Welcome to Positive Spin

I decided to start this blog because I’ve recently been faced with some tough issues in my life and decided that rather than feel like a victim, I could use this experience to grow and become better than the experience by learning from others.

We’ll cover various topics, like technology, art, activism, environmentalism, education, parenting, sports, to name a few. We’ll offer up inspirational pieces, stories of famous and non-famous people who’ve worked hard to keep a positive attitude and push forward when all seemed lost. We’ll point you to great examples of keeping positive on other blogs.  Also, we will feature people who are exemplary role models for what it means to keep positive or represent aspects of staying focused and positive.

We’ll also look for ideas and discussion from the reader.  It will be an ever-evolving experiment and I hope you will be a big part of it.  Thank you.

- Chad