Positive Action: Help Kids with Autism Get Tablets for Communication

This week's featured Donor's Choose class is Mrs. Clarke of Islands High School in Savannah, GA. Mrs. Clarke is looking for $1,069 to get two Samsung Galaxy Tablets with special software to help her autistic students communicate. Sounds like a lot of money, right? It's really not if it's divided up. If we can get 100 people to give $10 each, we can nearly get this goal.  I know a lot of you have more than 100 friends on Facebook right? So, I'm asking for your help. Please share this article with your friends and see if we can get this goal met. This is the beauty of social media, helping people all over the world connect and solve problems.

So far, we've helped two classrooms meet their goals in less than a week each! Let's see how quickly we can meet this goal. So we can see the impact of the readers of Positive Spin, I'll ask that you donate here, as it will track who's donated from this article. Thanks!