The Five-Dollar Doctor

My friend Kevin Higdon shared this article on the Positive Spin Facebook Timeline and I think it was worth sharing. It's about Dr. Russell Dohner whose given himself to helping others. Dr. Dohner hasn't pursued wealth or his own personal happiness, only served the community for the greater good:

This in an era when the cost of healthcare has steadily risen, when those who don't have medical insurance often forgo seeing a doctor. But not Dohner's patients. He doesn't even accept medical insurance — says it's not worth the bother.
"I always just wanted to be a doctor to help people with their medical problems and that's all it's for .," the 87-year-old family physician says. "It was never intended to make a lot of money."
Being a doctor, helping and providing a service — that has been his goal since he was a boy.

In a time when politicians quibble over who should pay for your health care, it's refreshing to see someone who understands that it's first about the person's health and second about compensation.